10 Nepalese Offbeat Tracks You Should Listen To

10 Nepalese Offbeat Tracks You Should Listen To

Nepal is a stunning, cultural, and adventurous nation. But many people are unaware that Nepal is also home to some of the most unusual tracks in the world. If you have the time, these routes are certainly worth investigating because they include both unexplored woodlands and ancient holy structures. Here are ten unusual Nepali songs that you should listen to. Do you have any more suggestions? Post yours in the comments section below!

The town has a rich history as a colonial settlement and has hosted many odd residents and intriguing events. Here are five unique tracks from Khadgaon that you should listen to:

  1. Khadgaon Fort: This fort is a great site to take in the scenery and is home to one of the region’s most spectacular forts.
  2. Dargah Sharif: This dargah is well-known for housing the tomb of poet and Sufi saint Ghaziuddin Ahsan Khan Lodhi.
  3. Gurukul Janaki Mandir: This temple honors the goddess Janaki and features some magnificent interior sculptures.
  4. Pathar Sankalp: If you enjoy photography or mountaineering, you should visit Pathar Sankalp Chuli, which is accessible via this path.
  5. Gopinath Temple: The temple, which is devoted to Lord Gopinath, is a well-known Hindu pilgrimage site.

Pokhara Pokhara, one of the most well-liked tourist destinations in Nepal, has a lot of off-the-beaten-path attractions. Here are a few you should visit:

1) The Annapurna Circuit – It is clear why this is Pokhara’s top attraction. It’s a fantastic way to get up close and personal with some of the most magnificent mountains on the planet. The route passes a number of beautiful lakes and through lovely landscapes.

2) The Royal Palace – The Royal Palace in Pokhara is the place to go if you’re seeking for something extraordinary. If you have the time, it’s definitely worth taking a stroll through this impressive 17th-century building.

3) Ark Forest: Ark Forest is another well-liked tourist destination in Pokhara. Numerous animals, including elephants, tigers, bears, leopards, and monkeys, call this deep forest home. If you have the time, it’s a fascinating place to visit, and there are lots of hiking trails nearby.

About 250 kilometers from Kathmandu, in the Himalayas, is a small village called Jakar Jakar. With a little over 1,000 residents, the village is home to an amazing array of traditional Nepali crafts.

One of Nepal’s most distinctive and interesting handicraft regions is Jakar. The locals use natural dyes and materials like wool, cotton, and bamboo to create rugs, baskets, mats, dolls, and other products.

A rug made of human hair that has been coloured with regional herbs and a doll made of clay that has been hand-painted and embellished with Swahili signs and patterns are just a couple of the highlights of Jakar’s handicrafts. It’s worthwhile to visit Jakar if you’re curious about Nepali handicrafts or have a curiosity with outlying communities.

Dhading is a picturesque town in Nepal’s east that is well-known for its landscape and temples. There is a bustling market in the town where you can purchase handicrafts and regional delicacies. Dhading is an excellent destination if you want to escape the crowds and enjoy some peace and quiet. Here are some unusual songs from Dhading that you should listen to:

  1. Go hiking along the Trisuli River Trail. This trail passes through the Trisuli Valley’s forested hills and provides breathtaking views of the river below. You can pick among simple and moderate trails, or if you’re feeling particularly daring, you can design your own route.
  2. Take a stroll through Birgunj’s historic neighborhoods. Birgunj, which dates back to 836 AD, is one of Nepal’s oldest cities. Explore the historic neighborhoods that surround the city center for some unique views and smells, even though it is currently mostly known for its cotton mills and heavy traffic.
  3. Visit Banepa Durbar Square, which is quiet and home to a number of historic structures, including the Royal Palace, which King Mahendra Malla erected in 1584. After seeing the other sights in Dhading, it’s a great location to unwind.

Janakpur is well worthwhile a visit if you’re looking for unusual sights in Nepal. This historic city, which is found in the south of the nation, is home to numerous fascinating architectural features. Visit the spectacular royal palace in the city or the ruins of the temples and tombs.

There are several unique food alternatives in Janakpur as well. Try some of the local specialties at one of the many eateries in this area, such as momos (dumplings) or tandoori chicken. Alternatively, sample a cuisine from one of Nepal’s ethnic groups, such as the Gurung people’s sauerkraut-stuffed dumplings.

Whatever you decide to do in Janakpur, make sure to visit the magnificent Boudhanath Stupa, one of the most well-liked tourist attractions in Nepal. The impressive sight of this enormous Buddhist pagoda makes a trip there well worth it.

The Nepalese Himalayan foothills are home to the little settlement of Mustang. There are roughly 400 people living in the town, and a Mustang School was founded there in 1962. The institution provides daycare and boarding for kids from local towns.

Apple orchards in Mustang are well-known for providing fruit for nearby markets. The people can make money by harvesting apples and boxing them up in the orchards, which also serve as a source of work for them.

Additionally, the community features a handicrafts market where locals sell homemade goods like jewelry, ceramics, and rugs.

There are two Biratnagars:
If you’re interested in traveling off the beaten path, Biratnagar, a historical town in eastern Nepal, is definitely worth a visit. Birch trees, which you can find lining the streets and parks, are famous for the city. Biratnagar is home to a variety of fascinating temples, such as the stunning Rameshwor Temple Complex. Get away from the city by visiting the verdant Terai region, where you can go hiking or unwind at a coastal resort.

Aspen Valley
This Valley is a little settlement in western Nepal’s Sunsari District that is situated in the Himalayas. The community only has 400 residents and requires a walk to reach there. Valley is home to a number of traditional handcraft studios.

There are many interesting places to explore in the area, such as a waterfall, hot springs, and an ancient temple with exquisite carvings. Additionally, visitors have the option of taking a picnic in the neighboring forests or visiting a nearby settlement.

Firstly, Pokhara

Eastern Nepal’s Pokhara is home to the Province of Gorkha and is a beautiful town. Mountain bikers, trekkers, and climbers all like visiting the region around Pokhara. In and around Pokhara, there are several intriguing eccentric tracks to discover that are well worth checking out.

Nepal is a beautiful country with fascinating cultures and scenery, but it also has some of the strangest music you’ll ever hear. There is music here for everyone, whether they prefer contemporary electronica or old-fashioned folk music. Check out some of these unusual songs in Nepal if you’re up for an adventure and some new tunes to add to your repertoire.